Ultimate Italian Summer in Otranto + Hotel Review: Relais Valle Dell’Idro & Terraces

Hotel Review of Otranto, Italy: Relais Valle Dell’ldro & Terraces and details of my fabulous two-night stay in this beautiful storybook town. 

Otranto, Italy is a dreamy, relaxing, southern town located in Puglia, Italy. We spent two beautiful nights there during our road trip through Salento. Whitewashed buildings strung along the coast, turquoise beaches located minutes away, cobblestone streets, and luxurious boutique hotels fill the town- you’ll immediately be engulfed in the lovely Italian culture upon arrival and greeted by friendly Italians who LOVE tourists.

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Staying at Relais Valle Dell’ldro & Terraces during our two-day stay, we had a fantastic experience and I recommend them to anyone planning a vacation through Puglia. We were greeted and offered an amazing map highlighting the best restaurants and attractions in Otranto, as well as given information on all the beaches closest to our hotel. The staff was friendly and spoke great English, they were very helpful and truly went out of their way to make our experience very special. We purchased a bottle of sparkling wine one evening (didn’t have a wine opener and asked) and they brought us a wine opener, champagne glasses, and bucket of ice. I mean really just went out of their way to ensure we were happy.

Hotel Review in Otranto, Italy: Relais Valle dell'Idro & Terraces. The ultimate Italian summer.

We were given a tour of the hotel, which included a gorgeous breakfast each morning from a terrace (at no additional cost- your hotel rate includes breakfast), Jacuzzi which offered Prosecco (10 euro per person) during the night hours, free wifi throughout the hotel, and beautiful verandas/terraces covered every inch of the hotel with beach style chairs to relax during the night and day. They also showed us to our room which was just as beautiful as the exterior, the decor had a beachy vibe, yet very classic with a white and beige color scheme. The entire hotel was inviting and extremely lavish, accommodating to any need you may have during your stay.

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Hotel Review: Relais Valle dell'Idro & Terraces Breakfast each morning.

Hotel Review Otranto Italy the Ultimate summer.

Hotel review Otranto ItalyHotel Review in Otranto, Italy. The Ultimate Italian Summer.Hotel Review in Otranto, Italy. The Ultimate Italian Summer.
The location was superb, right in the center of the town.

Making it extremely easy to walk to restaurants, bars, stores, and just have an amazing time walking through this coastal paradise. The view from the hotel was stunning, the hotel is slightly positioned on a hill so viewing the sea and town were easy from one of the terraces. Don’t forget your camera, because the city of Otranto is as picturesque as it gets.

Exploring Otranto Italy. Hotel Review+ the ultimate summer in Italy.

Hotel Review in Otranto, Italy.

Hotel Review of Otranto, Italy.

Hotel Review of Otranto, Italy.

We took advantage of the map given to us by the hotel and tried a walk-able recommended restaurant called Agli Angeli Rebelli Ristorante.

Agli Angeli Rebelli Ristorante was seriously a lucky-strike, a beautiful courtyard restaurant offering indoor and outdoor seating.

A true 5-star restaurant with OUTSTANDING waitstaff. We also took advantage of the 25 euro per person, wine + 3-course meal they were offering during the summer month ( it’s very common to offer a discounted 3-4 course meal in Southern Italy during the summer months to attract more tourists and business). This was seriously one of the best Mediterranean meals I’ve ever had in my life!!! You could literally walk around the town and find multiple restaurants with 5-star seafood at discounted prices from May-July.

For our first course, we enjoyed mussels, our second-course octopus, and third course a pasta from the region. We experienced a beautiful white wine suggested by our waiter and ended with espresso for dessert. God, was it good.

Hotel Review in Otranto, Italy. Best restaurant walkable to the hotel.

Hotel Review in Otranto, Italy. Best restaurant walkable to the hotel.

Hotel Review in Otranto, Italy. Best restaurant walkable to the hotel.

Hotel Review in Otranto, Italy. Best restaurant walkable to the hotel.
We relaxed at the hotel and spent the hot days at the beach exploring Puglia- savoring cool prosecco we purchased from a local store. At night we walked around the town, stopped at bars, and lounged in the Jacuzzi.

You can easily enjoy your summer in Otranto or plan a road trip through numerous towns due to the close proximity (Bari, Ostuni, Gallipoli, Lecce, Otranto, Santa Maria di Leuca, Brindisi, Matera, to name a few).

Enjoy the coastal Caves of Salento and turquoise beaches strung along Southern Italy. This is truly a treat and often overlooked by many American tourists, who cling to Cinque Terre or Positano. 

Hotel Review in Otranto, Italy. Beaches near the beautiful hotel.

Porto Badisco in close proximity to the center of Otranto.

Hotel Review in Otranto, Italy. Beaches near the beautiful hotel.

Melendugno in close proximity to the center of Otranto.

Hotel Review in Otranto, Italy. Beaches near the beautiful hotel.

Castro in close proximity to the center of Otranto.

I do recommend renting a car if you’re planning a trip to Puglia, you will get the best experience by traveling along many cities and using your car to explore the vast region. During our time, we road-tripped through Lecce, Otranto, Santa Maria di Leuca, and Gallipoli. We asked locals in the area what beaches were a must see, and discovered these breath-taking beaches very close to Otranto (see photos above). Each morning we went to a local grocery store and purchased local Italian deli, fruit, wine or prosecco, cheese, and bread – enjoying a picnic lunch at many different beaches. This was always under 12 euro.

An incredible adventure everyone should experience once in their lifetime. 

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Relais Valle dell’Idro & Terraces
Via G. Grasso 4, 73088
Otranto, Italy

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This hotel review of Otranto, Italy is all my own opinions and I highly suggest researching this beautiful town that is WORTH DISCOVERING.

Hotel Review in Otranto, Italy.

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