We all use photo editing apps, but have you ever wondered how bloggers get beautiful images with the same color palette and aesthetic, all while achieving photos that look like a professional photographer is documenting their every move? Of course splurging on some expensive camera gear could easily solve all of your problems, but if you could achieve similar photos with your smartphone, why wouldn’t you?  I am by no means saying smartphones take better photos than professional cameras, however if done correctly you can easily achieve similar looking photos by understanding your camera settings on your current phone, and using some of the best photo editing apps out there. Currently I’m obsessed with my Iphone 7 Plus with the new Portrait mode- it takes astonishing photos with advanced settings. You have to have enough light, and be at a specific distance, but portrait mode captures the shots and blurs the background, making the subject the main center of the shot. If you’d like to explore taking your everyday photos and turning them into enhanced professional looking shots here’s four photo editing apps bloggers use to achieve perfect shots every time.

  1. VSCO

    The ultimate photo editing app bloggers can’t get enough of. A list would not be complete without VSCO. Giving you capability to purchase packs of filters or use the stock filters provided. With VSCO you can adjust and edit your photos with many options to fine tune each photo to your liking. I love the grain on this app, it doesn’t make your photos look blotchy but adds a lot of character to what could be a boring photo. I also love the sharpen and clarity option.

  2. FaceTune

    My go to photo editing app is FaceTune, I use this app for every single photo. You can do so much with this editor- change colors of objects, add detail, smooth, change the tone, remove blemishes, the list goes on and on.

  3.  Afterlight

    Very similar to Photoshop, I mean you can really improve your photos with an app of this caliber. With tons and tons of filter options and enhanced setting to change hues, saturation, contrast, exposure, and that’s not all- this app produces very high resolution photos as well.

  4. RNI Films

    I love using this app to create modern/contemporary photos. The dust option on this app, can turn any photo into what looks like, it was taken on film, creating an old style feel yet is extremely current. There is also an option for pre-warm, post-warmth, and fade which can really be helpful if you have a dark photo or would like to correct the temperature of the photo.

These are the four apps I use to edit all of my photos. I have tried many out, but continually go back to these every time.

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If you end up trying out any of these photo editing apps, drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts! Would love to hear any photo editing apps you use as well.



4 thoughts on “Top 4 Photo Editing Apps to Inspire you”

    1. Thank you Dafra! I use facetune for all of my photos, the whiten and detail tool are my best friend! VSCO has incredible capabilities just takes a lot of messing with. I finally discovered you can edit a photo, copy the edit, and paste it on another edit, it really helps to make your Instagram aesthetically pleasing. Xx

    1. Yes Julia! You should definitely discover more of Facetune capabilities, my go to is the detail tool and whiten! RNI films is great if you want to add black or white dust to give your photos a vintage feel! Xx

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