It’s been a long time coming but its finally May 20th, and we are heading to Italy May 25!!! I am beyond excited!!! The 5 day countdown has begun. We have a few really intriguing events planned for the three weeks my boyfriend and I will be vacationing, staying the majority of our time in my boyfriends hometown, Rimini. Coffee and Wine will devour a ton of my time but I am looking forward to sharing the beauty of Europe with you as well as the best hotels and attractions for you, next time you find yourself planning a trip to South Italy or spending a few days in France.

We decided our first week in Italy we would center our vacation around breathtaking South Italy, the Salento/Puglia region. This is what every tourist dreams of, white washed beaches and true paradise filled with relaxation and sun. We are travelling by car for an entire week, staying along a new city each night along the coast, since they are locating very closely to one another, it makes it extremely easy and common to do this.

Our first stop,  is Lecce, Italy staying at Casa Balmes Bed an Breakfast.

Lecce Italy
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A small historic town, this is right on the heel of the boot of Italy and is closely located to many seaside beaches.

Our next stop will be Otranto, Italy staying at the Relais Valle dell’ldro & Terraces.

Otranto Italy
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Otranto is know for it’s gorgeous beaches, cliffs, and natural caves.  

Next stopping in Leuca, Italy a beautiful seaside town staying at Hotel Terminal

Leuca Italy
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and our last stop in Gallipolli, Italy, staying at Palazzo Mosco Inn – Dimora Storica.

Gallipolli Italy
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I booked all of our hotels with

After our week long adventure in Salento, we will head back to Rimini for a few days before heading to Fountainebleau and Paris, France for four days!! Luckily an old friend of mine lives in France and will be hosting us the entire time, so basically BE READY FOR PICTURE OVERLOAD, throughout my journey. 

I can’t wait to share this adventure, and highlight the summer time in Italy with you.

Catch you guys on the flip side 😉



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