19 Obtainable Ways to Simplify Your Life

minimalist benefits  Lately I’ve been trying to get more out of my day as well as find obtainable ways to live healthier and more stress free. I like that there are many benefits to minimalism and I am slowly learning more about it. I wanted to set realistic goals and be more organized coming into 2017. At the end of the day I wanted to feel accomplished and success driven. My entire goal was truly to simplify my life. I wanted to share with you some goals I’ve put into place, that have worked for me.

Here’s 19 ways I’ve simplified my life and you should too.

1. Buy a planner and USE IT. Make it an important asset. Something you turn to, to reassure yourself of everything you must accomplish for the day. Note appointments, meetings, goals, chores, birthdays, workouts etc.

2. Venture outdoors. Instead of working out at the gym, find a new park or trail to explore and complete your usual workout.

3. Minimize your closet. Keep it simple. Donate the clothes you’ve been hoarding but never get around to wearing. Keep everything you LOVE, and part with the rest.

4. Organize your home. Go through everything, I mean everything- from kitchen appliances to storage containers. Donate everything you may get around to using, or better yet, sell it.

5. Make your bed every morning.

6. Get into a morning routine and stick to it on the weekdays.

7. Eat less sugar.

8. Focus on your priorities and less on your social life.

9. Drive your car less, walk when you can.

10. Buy a new book and finish it.

11. Plan days to splurge on shopping instead of impulse buying.

12. Save for a vacation.

13. Set aside time for yourself. Whether it’s to get a massage, facial, or just spend the day relaxing.

14. Don’t count calories. Have a balanced diet and workout 5 days a week.

15. Meditate or complete yoga twice a week for self fulfillment and stress reduction.

16. Study a new language for 30 minutes a day.

17. Eat out no more then twice a week.

18. Use your phone less.

19. Enjoy the simple things in life.


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Xx, Whitney


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